Customized Research

Request a custom equity research report 

My report includes:

  • Customized research report on specific company not followed or with limited analyst coverage.
  • Receive an unbiased opinion on the company’s value proposition, financial stability, cash flow generation, and valuation.
  • Ongoing monitoring. PM101 will monitor the company and provide me with updates on a periodic basis for 1 year and provide me with advance notice within 2 weeks of the ending coverage.
  • Access to all research, notes, and files related to the research report prepared, including valuation models, if any.
  • I’ll have personal access to the PM101 team of strategists and analysts. Any time I have a question about one of the alerts or company announcements, I can email them and expect to get an answer in a couple of days.
  • The research report may be provided on an exclusive basis for a premium price, or PM101 will retain the rights to reuse the report for standard pricing.