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  • Monthly newsletter. I’ll receive a comprehensive monthly newsletter that contains entertaining commentary on REITs and identifies challenges and opportunities within each REIT property sector.
  • The PM101 REIT Portfolio. The PM101 REIT portfolio is designed to pick include our best REIT picks in combination with other REITs that may complement the overall portfolio. It is equally weighted across all positions for simplicity.
  • Asset allocation. Tactical asset allocation models specifically on REIT sub-sectors so I can overweight and underweight certain sectors for optimal risk/return potential.
  • I’ll receive regular updates with Instant Alerts. As a subscriber, I’ll not only receive news as it is distributed but insightful commentary on what it means for my portfolio positions.
  • Investment ideas for my portfolio. Each month PM101 provides REIT investment themes and ideas that I can include in my portfolio. Each theme comes with implementable ideas and allocation suggestions.
  • Access to equity research reports of seldom followed REITs. I will have access to research reports prepared by PM101 on smaller REITS with little to no analyst coverage. Many of these research reports are custom requests from clients.
  • Receive a weekly update. In case I missed something, I’ll receive a weekly update of PM101 articles and news at least once a week.
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