Investor Profile Quiz

Investor Profile Quiz

Which of the following describes your primary financial goal for this investment portfolio?

What is the time horizon for your investment?

How likely is it you will need to withdraw a significant portion of these assets prior to your planned time horizon to pay for a home, education, or some other purpose?

If you do expect to withdraw a significant portion of your account, when is it likely to be?

Assume your investment horizon is more than 10 years. During the second year of investment, your portfolio declines to less than its initial value. Where would you place your reaction along the following scale?

Illustrated below is a range of annualized returns from best to worst for both 1 year and 3 year periods over a 30 year period, for five different portfolios in which $100,000 was initially invested. Considering the range of returns and the downside risk associated with each portfolio, which portfolio do you feel would be the most appropriate for you?

If you made a long-term investment of $100,000, how much of a loss in a single year would you withstand before selling?

Suppose that over a 3-5 year period, your portfolio has lost value. What action would you take?

One of the risks that can slowly deteriorate the purchasing power of an investment portfolio is inflation risk. An extremely conservative investment may sometimes earn less than the inflation rate, resulting in a loss of purchasing power. With respect to your investment objectives for this portfolio, which of the following is most true?

What is your current age?

Based on your current and estimated future income needs, what percentage of your investment earnings do you think you would be able to reinvest?

Given interruptions of periodic income or other unforeseen circumstances, some individuals are forced to tap their investment resources to meet living expenses. In such an instance, how many months of living expenses could be covered by your current liquid investments?

The percentage of your total income that you currently save is approximately?

In the next five years, you expect that your earned income will probably?

What is your current household income?

Which of the following investments would you feel most comfortable with taking into consideration the risk/return tradeoff?

You have finished the quiz.

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