How to Use PM101

Welcome to the Portfolio Management 101 website.

This website was created by investment advisors who want to help as many individual investors, but also understand the limitations of being able to provide high quality, customized service for each and every individual at a reasonable cost.

We also know that there are thousands of financial advisors, brokers, investment representatives, financial consultants, (and whatever else they call themselves), that hold themselves out to be experts in investment management, when in fact they are simply sales representatives working on commissions. The licenses they hold to ‘provide investment advice’ are not very difficult to obtain and the majority of the advice most of these so-called advisors provide are for their own benefit, not for the benefit of their clients.

There are certainly some great advisors out there providing relevant, timely, and valuable advice for a reasonable cost and who hold their clients’ interest above their own. These advisors must adhere to a fiduciary standard, which states that they must always act in the best interest of clients. However, these advisors are limited in the number of clients they can service and tend to focus on clients with high levels of assets under management (AUM).

Smaller investors, therefore, are left with fewer options in regards to seeking advice from qualified, ethical, and reasonably prices registered investment advisors.

What we are trying to do with PM101 is to provide enough education, guidance, and insight to allow the normal person with limited AUM, to maximize the returns on their portfolio without taking undue risk, while maintaining a long-term investment strategy for their portfolio. At a minimum, we are striving to educate to the extent that investors can have a better conversation with their advisors and identify good versus bad advice.

Who Should Benefit from this Website?

We feel that everyone should benefit from some portion of our website.

Investors should benefit from a relationship with a high quality investment advisor with a fiduciary responsibility to his/her clients. But what this website will provide is enough knowledge for each investor to have a more intelligent conversation with their investment advisor.

We are in the process of developing asset allocation models that will guide investors in choosing the right investments for their personal accounts, whether those accounts are held in a retirement account (401K, IRA) or brokerage account.

As we perform our own research on economic factors, asset classes, investment themes, individual stocks, and/or mutual funds or ETF’s, we will share our opinions on the website via short research driven articles on a variety of topics. While some of the articles may be more technical in nature, we strive to articulate our opinions in terminology that ‘grandma’ can understand. You will notice we publish many articles on Seeking Alpha but we will be increasingly focused on adding content to PM101 that will not be available anywhere else.

In the coming months, we will be adding additional educational pages and features, such as:

  • How to Determine Your Investment Profile
  • Evaluating the Economic Environment to Determine Your Tactical Allocation
  • Portfolio Management Articles (several how to articles)
  • How to Perform Industry Analysis
  • Our Stock Picking Process
  • How to Evaluate REITs
  • Asset Class Analysis
  • Using online tools like – Video

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for visiting our website. And while we are continuously making improvements to the site, we welcome your feedback and comments.