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Portfolio Management 101 was created to provide investors with both educational information as well as investment ideas that they can either implement on their own or discuss with their financial advisors when discussing investment strategies for their portfolios.

Over the years, we discovered a thirst for investment knowledge from many individuals who are interested in investing for short-term profits or retirement but who may not feel comfortable enough to discuss investments with an advisor, or just don’t know where to start. In any case, having worked in the industry for over 20 years, we saw tons of good and bad advice and much of the bad advice was for the benefit of the advisor, not the client. By educating our readers, we hope to reduce the amount of bad advice by arming our readers with the proper knowledge to ask the right questions and actively participate in the implementation of a well thought out investment strategy even if they are not personally managing their portfolio.

Portfolio Management 101 places a high degree of emphasis on the fiduciary standard, and as such, places priority on submissions by those adhering to a strict code of conduct that places the interest of clients above all else. We favor articles and reports submitted by CFA charterholders, Certified Financial Planners, and other designations with comparable ethical standards and code of conduct.

Contributor Profiles

We will post a profile of contributors on our website, provided by each contributor, including 80×80 photo or logo, full biography, contributor credentials, contact information, and information regarding services or products offered by contributor.

We will also place an ad of your choosing in one of our advertising sections: 160×600, 120×600, 300×250, 120×60, 125×125. (The only ad placement not offered to contributors is the leaderboard)

Submission Guidelines

Article and Report submissions should be a unique perspective on economics, retirement, portfolio strategy, or investment ideas. Submissions should have a strong point of view and we encourage contributors to spend some time on a proper introduction and properly frame the topic of the article with an anecdote or story.

  • Please include hyperlinks to your sources, if possible.
  • You may include pictures of graphs or tables.
  • Include a short biography (50 words) to the bottom of your article or report.
  • We encourage contributors to contribute regularly to the site.

Articles – articles are generally 500-750 words should be written in simple terms and plain English. We prefer our articles to be directed at ‘grandma’ without insulting or being condescending. Imagine explaining unknown concepts to an intelligent individual. You should assume they will understand well explained concepts so long as the words used are not jargon specific to the topic. We are guilty of using jargon ourselves so it is not necessarily a reason to decline an article. Just try your best.

Reports – reports are generally much longer than articles and are backed by some level of research to support the contributor’s viewpoint. These reports can be about any of the topics mentioned above and generally are intended for a more sophisticated audience but can be written in the same context and simplicity of articles.

When in doubt as to whether your submission is an article or a report, don’t fret, we don’t categorize them as strictly as it may seem.

Submission and approval

We will decide whether to accept the article. If you prefer to send a proposal first before writing the article, we will be happy to give you feedback on whether or not we are interested. We publish on an ongoing basis and will publish articles on a first come first serve basis.

Articles should be emailed to . Submission does not constitute acceptance for publication.

Once you’ve submitted your article, we will either publish the article or work with you to shape the article into a format that meets our standards. If the article is not accepted, we will provide you with substantial feedback on what you need to do to bring it up to our standards. Please be prepared to revisit the article and allow time for feedback and rewriting. If we do make any changes to the article, you will have an opportunity to approve the updated version or withdraw your article. (This is a joint effort and we have never had an article withdrawn due to our revisions)

Note that not every article is accepted. The articles we choose to publish will be those that we identify as relevant, timely, and valuable to our readers.

If your article is published, we will convert it into HTML. So please:

  • Do not use fancy fonts or formatting.
  • Make sure your paragraphs have spaces between them where you want them.
  • Remove all header and footers.
  • Don’t indent paragraphs.
  • Please do not include any affiliate links in your articles.
  • If you are including images of graphs or tables in your article, please include them in the word document in the appropriate place and send an attachment for each as well.

Finally, if you have any additional questions, concerns, or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at