Retirees Should Put a Slice of Apple in Their Portfolios

Apple Slice

Should Apple (AAPL) be a part of a retiree’s portfolio? On the one hand, it is a technology company and tech companies have historically been less shareholder-friendly and their stocks tend to be more volatile than the slow-growth industrial and consumer staples companies. But times have certainly changed and now Apple is not only the largest company in the world, but quite possibly have some of the most loyal fans and customers that to have an insatiable appetite for anything Apple.

With the recent reveal of the Apple Watch and the dedicated 200 person team to developing an Apple Car, the omnipresence of Apple in our lives may have only just begun. Should it also be a substantial holding in the accounts of retirees?

Slower-Growing Apple is Still a Buy

Apple Logo

Apple (AAPL) is one of the most followed stocks on Seeking Alpha and quite possibly could be the most widely held stock. A peek into the top holdings of most large cap or technology focused mutual funds will most certainly list Apple. It’s not surprising considering Apple has a market cap of $480 billion, the largest company by market capitalization by a good $55 billion. (Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) has a market cap of $422 billion)

But just because Apple is held by all of the top mutual funds doesn’t mean individual investors should follow suit. To determine if Apple is still a good buy, or even a hold for that matter, I wanted to evaluate it for myself.