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Alternative Mutual Funds Under Investigation by SEC, but Don’t Panic

SEC Investigating Alternative Mutual Funds

Alternative mutual funds are under investigation by the SEC, but there is no reason to panic and certainly no reason to sell your positions in these funds. The SEC SHOULD be looking into the space and quite honestly, its about time. Many alternative mutual funds use complicated strategies usually only offered by hedge fund managers and only available to qualified investors. (The definition of qualified investor is another point of contention I won’t get into here). These alternative mutual funds, like their distance cousin hedge funds aren’t for everyone. The fact that they are so easily bought now is reason enough for the SEC to look into them further.

Cohen & Steers: The King Of REITs Poised To Provide Investors 42% Annualized Returns

Cohen & Steers: King of REITs

Retail investors are increasingly looking for ways to further diversify their portfolios to avoid a repeat of 2008-2009, where they saw both equity and fixed income holdings decline concurrently. One asset class that has received plenty of attention and is expected to grow five-fold in 6 years is the Retail Liquid Alternative (RLA) space, where Cohen & Steers (CNS) is well positioned as the pioneer in real estate related securities. With its strategic initiative to expand into other retail liquid alternatives and well developed distribution channels, CNS stock can grow 8x in our base case scenario.