This Boring REIT Belongs in Your Retirement Portfolio

Too often investors get caught up in the excitement of CNBC and the next potential home-run investment. If you’re young and have your entire wage-earning career ahead of you, by all means, invest aggressively. But if you’re approaching retirement or are already taking distributions from your retirement portfolio, you want boring investments that never make the news and pay you a nice dividend. Read More

Realty Income: Watch For The Boogeyman, And Don’t Be Afraid To Buy The Stock

Yellen BoogeymanAs children we grew up afraid of the Boogeyman. As investors we are afraid of what might happen to our investments when central bank policies have a disproportionate influence on asset prices. As interest rate rises are imminent, there will be a scare or two for the markets – but instead of cowering in fear, it may be a good time to look for good stocks that others were scared away from. One such stock is Realty Income. Read More

Not All REITs Are A Good Buy Even When They Go On Sale

Imagine you’re at the mall and you come across two items that you’d love to take home with you. You only have $60 left to spend so you’re probably only going to be able to buy one of them. The first one has a regular price of $100 but is on sale today for 50% off!! The second item, unfortunately, is $60 and there is no sign on the rack that it too is on sale. Hopeful that someone has forgotten to display the 50% off sign, you walk up to the counter and ask the sales clerk. With a big bright smile, she says, “Isn’t that so cute?”, right before tells you that it’s no mistake it doesn’t have a sale sign on it. It’s selling for $60.

The first item is 50% off which sounds like a great deal while the second item is fully priced and is popular enough not to be available long enough to go on sale. Which one is the better buy? Most shoppers I know would buy the item that is 50% off because, hey, they got a great deal.

But let’s suppose its early June and the first item is a lamb’s wool cable knit sweater. You don’t have any plans to travel to the Southern Hemisphere, where it will soon be winter, so if you buy the sweater, there’s a good chance it will sit in your closet until late October or early November, if you’re lucky. It doesn’t get cold in Palm Beach Florida until even later in the year.

The second item is a cute two piece bathing suit that, after you try it on, makes you magically look like you’re 10 pounds lighter. It’s summer and you already know you’re going to be spending lots of time on the beach.

Which item is the better buy now?

Not All REITs are Good Buys

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Senior Housing Properties Trust: It’s Fallen, Can It Get Back Up?

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We’re getting old. We all are. But no one group is reaching ‘old age’ faster than the baby boomer generation born between 1946 and 1964. By ‘old age’ I’m referring to retirement, and unfortunately for many seniors, it means senior housing facilities. Today’s younger generation isn’t like that of days past, which cared for their elderly parents for many years. In today’s society, seniors are increasingly going into senior housing, whether independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing, etc.

This secular trend has not gone unnoticed and everyone from real estate developers to hedge fund managers has made investments in senior housing in anticipation of an increase in demand. The first baby boomers entered retirement age just a few years ago and even though people in general are living healthier lives for longer, traveling more and enjoying retirement for a few more years, the sheer number of baby boomers means that senior housing will be in greater demand.

Cohen & Steers: King Of REITs Moving In The Right Direction But It Will Take Patience For The Big Payoff

Cohen & Steers: King of REITs

Investors continue to show interest in a fast growing asset class called Retail Liquid Alternatives. I wrote an article published on May 15th, 2014 on where I highlight the favorable strategic position of a niche mutual fund provider called Cohen & Steers (NYSE:CNS).

Cohen & Steers isn’t exactly your household name, such as Blackrock (NYSE:BLK), Templeton, PIMCO, Invesco, and others that seem to be recognized by the common investor, either because of familiarity due to the inclusion of a fund in a 401K, or visibility from TV or magazine advertisements. These mutual fund families offer excellent funds, but not all of their funds are best in class, and when it comes to alternatives, many don’t even offer them.

Digital Realty Keeps Cruising

DLR Keeps Cruising

On March 15th, I published an article about Digital Realty (NYSE:DLR) on Seeking Alpha (Read Article) that highlighted how its international interconnected network of data centers will help distance it from the competition. At the time the stock was at $51.51 and has since climbed to $64.77 as of July 30th. Throw in a $0.83 dividend and returns haven’t been too shabby.

At the time I suggested the stock could potentially reach $80 within a year. Do I still feel that way?

Forget The Trains And Planes, Buy This Industrial REIT For A 20% Treat


Despite a 2.9% decline in GDP for the US economy in the 1Q of 2014, consensus estimates are for the US economy to expand by roughly 3% in 2014 with acceleration of growth beginning with 2Q GDP and continuing throughout the year. While the 1Q GDP number was adversely impacted by horrible weather conditions, mother nature was not the only cause of GDP contraction. Regardless, it seems to be a common view that GDP contraction was not indicative of a recession and that the 1Q reading was a mere blip in a growing economy.