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Google Android Dominates the Global Smartphone Market

Scared face

Today I published an article on Seeking Alpha praising the dominance of Google’s Android operating system over Apple’s and others and offered a thesis as to why that will continue going forward. (Read Article)There were quite a few opinions to the contrary, as I expected, so I am following up that article with a few comments on the comments.

First, let me start by saying Seeking Alpha outlines many reasons why someone would be interested in writing articles on Seeking Alpha. One of those reasons is to offer up an article to a sounding board of 3.2 million people. I admit, I am not a good writer, and unfortunately, I don’t have an editorial board to confer with. Therefore, I admit, I’m often curious to get feedback from the masses. People I don’t know, who don’t hold back….at all. My friends and family could never be so direct.

So because Seeking Alpha doesn’t allow an author to put the cart before the horse by floating a ‘draft’ of an article before it gets published, articles get published that could probably use some editing. Kinda like apps on Android 😉

The Annaly Knife May Have Stopped Falling

Do not catch a falling knife

When interest rates spiked over the Summer, the share prices of Annaly and other mortgage REITs were punished and it was painful to hold on to these stocks despite the mid to double digit dividend yields they were paying. Now that the economic situation has settled down a bit and visibility on the Fed’s tapering intentions has become clearer, the mortgage REIT shares have been much less volatile. While there may still be some downside risks, such as unexpected spikes in interest rates, quicker Fed tapering, and another increase in prepayment rates, to name a few, the shares of Annaly and other mortgage REITs look compelling.


We think that interest rates WILL rise in 2014, but we think it will happen slowly and that the impact this will have on the mREITS has already been discounted into the stock price. These types of investments are not for investors who can’t deal with volatility in share price movements, but if your time horizon is long-term, it may be a good time to take a closer look.

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