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Stock Selection Process: The Quantitative Screen

Stock Picking Process - Quant Screen

With so many individual stocks in the global equity markets to choose from, it is important to be able to follow a disciplined process for finding, evaluating, and monitoring stocks. In this article, I will focus on the initial step required to reduce the universe of stocks to a manageable number.  In future articles, I will address the detailed analysis required for evaluating stocks and the monitoring process once a stock has been added to the portfolio.

Fantasy Football Investing

Fantasy Football excuses

As the NFL regular season comes to an end, the Fantasy Football season is fast approaching its championship week. Since some NFL teams do not make the playoffs, the fantasy season must come to an end while all players are still participating. Usually by the last game of the NFL season, Fantasy Football owners around the world have collected their winnings and established bragging rights for the next year.  

While watching my closest friends and family participating in this ever more popular activity, I can’t help but notice the similarities of fantasy football coaching to investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds.