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This Boring REIT Belongs in Your Retirement Portfolio

Too often investors get caught up in the excitement of CNBC and the next potential home-run investment. If you’re young and have your entire wage-earning career ahead of you, by all means, invest aggressively. But if you’re approaching retirement or are already taking distributions from your retirement portfolio, you want boring investments that never make the news and pay you a nice dividend. Read More



Investment Strategist at Portfolio Management 101
Patricia Moses has been managing investments since 2002 and has experience managing investments for individuals and institutions at all levels. She started her investment career in 1999 evaluating hedge funds and other alternative asset classes for a small regional investment consultant. After a brief time, she joined a family office as an Investment Advisor managing assets in excess of $300 million across a variety of asset classes.

Patricia joined Portfolio Management 101 in 2010 in a Portfolio Manager and Business Development role and became an Investment Strategist in 2014.
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